Thursday, May 23, 2013

Course Description Building upon the 2D visual literacy that students developed in their foundation course, we will continue to address pertinent aspects of drawing and painting. Drawings will be made using multiple media, such as charcoal and ink , while in painting we will mainly use acrylic paint on different surfaces, including canvas and wood panels. We will focus on acquiring fundamental skills, such as how to organize compositions and articulate visual ideas through form and shape, color and value relationships, texture and sheen, and opacity and transparency. Assignments will introduce students to a variety of subject matters, natural and manmade, including landscape, flora and fauna, urban environments, architecture, and people. In addition to observational exercises, students will be encouraged to engage with their imagination and emotions. We will learn about and discuss historic and contemporary aesthetic, emotive, and conceptual approaches to painting, with the aim of guiding each student towards a personal artistic direction.

4 credits